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Finding a Student Loan can be challenging.  There are plenty of sites now that can help you.  I have put together some information to help you with your search.  Please browse through the list of sites and when you find a site link that may help you, go ahead and click on thru to it.  

" How To Send Your Child To College For Free" or close to it will guide those people who have a low to moderate income to a practically free college education, even if you have excessive credit card debt and own your own home with half a million dollars equity in it.

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I had to pay for my college education on my own.  My parents were not able to help me pay for my education. Student Loans helped me get the education I needed.  My student loans are all paid of now and this site was put together to help you pay for your college education.

Loan Forgiveness -- (PDF)
... Loan Forgiveness --. Exceptions to the loan-repayment rule ... Some state governments sponsor student-loan-forgiveness. programs for certain occupations or classes of borrowers. ...

Business Wire: TG Co-Sponsors Chat on Student Loan Forgiveness
Full text of the article; 'TG Co-Sponsors Chat on Student Loan Forgiveness' from Business Wire; a publication in the field of Business & Finance; is provided free of charge by LookSmart's FindArticles service. ... TG has approved more than $600;000 in student loan forgiveness for over 125 teachers who qualified through the federal ...

Sponsor Statement for SB 61: Student Loan Forgiveness
... Sponsor Statement for SB 61. Student Loan Forgiveness ... discipline to receive forgiveness of a portion of their Alaska student loan upon meeting the criteria of the bill ...

ALA - ALA applauds House bill allowing student loan forgiveness for librarians
... ALA applauds House bill allowing student loan forgiveness for librarians ... and Development Act - that provides for student loan forgiveness for librarians in low-income areas. ...

Student Loan Forgiveness/Scholarship Information
Loan Forgiveness Information. Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship Program ... Some federal student loans allow loan forgiveness for classroom teachers teaching in a shortage area ... or not the type of student loan they hold will qualify them for loan forgiveness ...

Sponsor Statement for HB 37: Student Loan Forgiveness
... Sponsor Statement for HB 37. Student Loan Forgiveness ... of any academic discipline to receive reimbursement of their Alaska student loan upon meeting the criteria of the bill. ...

Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program (NSLFP) Frequently Asked Questions Q: (PDF)
Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program (NSLFP) Frequently Asked Questions. Q: How do I know if I'm eligible for the program? A: In order to be eligible for the NSLFP; you must: ... for the NSLFP is contingent upon available moneys in the Nursing Student Loan. Forgiveness Trust Fund ...

Student Loan Forgiveness - Ask FoolU
Learn of organizations and tools that can help you reduce or forgive your student loan debt. Try out our free loan calculator. ... organizations that will reduce and/or forgive student loan debt in exchange for performing various public-service ... is no such thing as student loan forgiveness. WHAT NOW? ...

College for Texans - Paying - Types of Financial Aid
Types of Financial Aid - Loan Forgiveness Programs. Texas B-On-Time Student Loan Program. Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program for Federal Family Education

Student Loan Forgiveness Bill
Support Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Defenders. The Prosecutors and Defenders Incentive Act (S. 1091/H.R. 2198) was introduced in Congress on May 21; 2003; by Sen. ... enter and continue employment as prosecutors and public defenders." HELP SUPPORT LOAN FORGIVENESS FOR PUBLIC DEFENDERS ...

2004-2005 Critical Teacher Shortage Student Loan Forgiveness Program - Modified on 071405 and 081505
Tuesday; December 13; 2005. Site Index Access Task Force ACT Adding a Subject Adult Education African Amer. Task Force Agriscience Education Apprenticeship Articulation Articulation Coord. ... The Florida CTS Student Loan Forgiveness Program is a state-funded program ...

Resources for Federal Student Loan Forgiveness
... Resources for federal student loan forgiveness. TCTA has received many requests for information on loan forgiveness. The following links are ...

Student Loan Forgiveness Program
... New York Social Work. Student Loan Forgiveness Program. NASW proposes the New York ... Human resource professionals identify student loan forgiveness; in exchange for minimum service ...

K2 Financial
Call today 1-866-523-4626. Products / FAQs / About Us / Contact Us. Privacy Policy / Investor Information. Copyright (C) 2005 K2 Financial; LLC.

TEA-Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program
... Student Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation Opportunities for Teachers ... Shortage Areas for Texas; and Student Loan Forgiveness; Deferment; and Cancellation Opportunities for Teachers ...

Re: Student loan forgiveness -- student loan forgiveness
Beta testing VoyForums. Subject: Re: Student loan forgiveness. Date Posted: 17:32:36 12/06/02 Fri. In reply to: J.J. 's message; "Student loan forgiveness" on 14:38:46 09/02/02 Mon ... there should be more student loan --forgiveness programs especially for Stafford loans ...


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